Let Them Be Kids

Kids are kids right? 

Well, as adults we tend to forget to have fun. We forget we all have character, good, bad and crazy mixed into one! Why should they be any different when they are being photographed? Especially when it means so much to parents to have them behave and smile? 

As a Mum of two cheeky boys and a photographer well experienced in photography and navigating the family dynamics at a photo session I can tell you it never pans out how any adult expects. It’s either you discover you have amazingly photogenic kids who love to smile for the camera OR you have kids who can pull the funniest of faces just as the shutter is released. 

There is great news! IT IS OK! Perfectly ok. You are a family with all of your love, hugs and smiles comes the crazy faces, the rough and tumble hugs and the child who would like to just sit and play their ipad instead. So, how do we manage as a team to get them to have their photo taken?

Here are some hints, most of which I work on when I take the photos, some where I ask for your help.

1. Embrace their character on the day.

2. Hold back any negative reaction to any cheeky behavior. This can be an opportunity to get some fabulous and fun shots.

3. Talk about what interests the kids. Minecraft, Peppa Pig etc. I have a little questionnaire for you so I have this magic conversation starter up my sleeve.

4. Help me by being silly next to me when I am photographing the kids. Pull faces at them, tell them jokes, anything to get them to relax and have fun.

5. Relax! Don’t stress about your kids being perfect models at the photo session. I truly don’t rush you and allow plenty of time to allow for anything.

Before we know it our kids will be adults with enough to be serious about. Capture your family as they are – adults and kids – funny faces and all.