5 Tips to Making the Most of Your Family Photo Session

1.     Know your photographer.

Have you met your photographer?

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This is important and can actually make you relax more on the day if you meet them prior to your photo session.  This is not always possible, but where you can try to meet them, even briefly, to talk aboutwhat you hope to gain from your photo session.  Primarily this is capturing your family as a moment in time for memories to last a lifetime. How does that actually look though? This can be prints to keep for your children, prints to gift, framed prints to hang on the wall or canvases, icemount/acrylics, the list is endless. The ultimate goal is to capture your family for who they are so talking to your photographer about who you are and what style will suit you and your home is important. 

Simply chatting to your photographer will help you get to know them before the session.

P.S. This is me! I normally visit you at your home before your photo session to say hi and have a little chat about your family and to see what style of photography session will suit you and get an idea of what you would like from the session. 

2.     Choose a location you can relax in.

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Be it your home, park or beach it’s important to choose a location you like.

The beach is very relaxing and beautiful for portraits but if you don’t like sand between your toes or if you have toddler that is constantly eating sand then choose another location! Parks are also great locations if you love the outdoors and think your children will be more relaxed running in a park.If you love your home, whether it be small and humble or large and modern, then choose your home. Your home is also a part of you and can be completely full of many memories. Home sessions are a great choice for young families with toddlers and babies so you have easy access to food, toilets, nappy change tables andyou also don’t need to pack bags and rush to get out on location.


3.     Take snacks and water.

If you are going to a park or the beach for your session be sure to pack extra snacks and water. We all know kids are happier when their bellies are full. In fact adults are too! Some families like to take bribery snacks as well to entice their little ones (and big ones!) to just give their sibling one more cuddle for the camera.


4.     Try not to plan a late night before your portrait session.

If you can avoid a late night the night before your session you will feel better and so will the kids! We all know kids and adults can easily become grumpy if they are tired. Best to rest in this case. It’s not often you gather for a photo session so make the most of it and get some early shut eye!

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5.     Relax and have fun with your family.

A photo session is about you and your family coming together to celebrate your bond, your characters and your love for each other. This is a day to relax and enjoy!

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